Sometimes called ascension flu or ascension sickness, ascension symptoms can show up in the form of dizziness, fatigue, pain in the teeth, and headaches. People become more introspective and focus more on spirituality. As you know, humans have free will! They are suppose to peak again in July 2022, for another chance for us to go the distance in our ascension journey with the help of powerful blessings from on high. Further increasing the vibrations of the realm and thrusting us forward on our evolutionary path. However, I do get the sense that the makers of the video (i.e, the Suspicious Observers) is coming from a somewhat limited 3d perspective, and are in turn influenced by the black snake energies themselves in their narratives. A podcast is a free, pre-recorded audio program available on demand via your mobile device (smartphone or tablet) and/or your computer. The reality is that everything is coming to the surface so that we can recognize oppressive laws and structures and change them. The polarization between liberals and conservatives increases as those who have been in power (and still have 3D values) grip onto their power even more tightly. Recent and Ongoing Projects: Book Translations and Documentary Film! In reply to Why bother by Keith (not verified). The costars and rumored couple jokingly addressed their height difference and how it makes filming difficult. Amongst all the purposeful mindless distraction and disinformation out there right now, this is highly revelatory and based on solid science. I am filled with joy to know that my own internal, core indicator is my primary and fundamental guide. People often ask me, "How much time do you think we have left before the 5D Ascension completes?" WebUpdate Timeline Overview. It's impossible to say for sure, but with each passing day, if you're feeling through into the wider field, the sense is it's getting ever closer. My mind is going over ways to prepare for this, and I guessthat's an important part without giving into fear or panic or deny it until it actually happens. Check out our self-paced courses, join our team, or apply for private coaching. And providing you're able to let go of investment in the 3D, then you'll move on. Patti and Troika In which case, if you imagine someone taking a step, their foot is almost already on the ground. Break through Your Tightness Sept. 15, 2021: Ben Platt says he's in love with Noah Galvin. During every full moon, pure love from the angelic realm and the Great Central Sun is reflected into all the waters on Earth, including the large amount of water held within our physical bodies. It is important to drink lots of clean, well-filtered water, Spiritually Ground Yourself and practice Mindfulness Meditation often to help anchor the New Earth Ascension energy, which will help avoid or ease spiritual and physical ascension symptoms. We know what we want and what we see in our visualizations. Related Post: 15 Ways YOU Can Help the Global Shift in Consciousness. New Ascension Foundation to address social determinants of health, Ascension executive Sally Deitch among Top 25 Diversity Leaders in Healthcare, Environmental Impact and Sustainability FY22 Annual Report: Taking Action Now and Looking to the Future, Dr. Richard Fogel named Executive Vice President and Chief Clinical Officer, Ascension, Ascension to Require COVID 19 Vaccination. Many Incarnated Angels and lightworkers flock to some of these sacred sites to experience the high vibrational energetics, and I have heard stories of some of these people being turned on after visiting these beautiful places. And, having proper awareness of where the ascension energies originate will further fine-tune personal alignment. Let the stars point the way to your soul mate . And how do we really ready ourselves? You can listen using any free podcast app on your smartphone or tablet or using your browser at, You can listen using any free podcast app on your smartphone or tablet or via your browser at, You will want to get the free reading plan by signing up at, The average daily episode will be between 20-25 minutes in length, depending on the scripture readings in the official, For more information about the podcast, please email. You can read my full Affiliate Policy/Disclaimer here. Even the estimated ascension timeline for the Earth I pieced together above, may not be a completely accurate timeline, as the changes to Earth require some human participation. As you know, humans have free will! I'm also wondering how the shadow state is handling this as they never seem to grow tired of pushing their agenda, yet what are they trying to accomplish with this event in near sight? A good example of this are the digital cameras which are capable of catching angelic energy, or orbs, for proof of higher dimensional frequencies around us all the time which cant be seen by most. Historical solar cycles eruptions may be impacted from presence of current space fence/ satellites, and not necessarily in a good way. Thank you for keeping us abreast of the now and beyond. On December 21, 2012 at the Cosmic Moment, Archangels and Ascended Masters closed the door to the 3rd dimension for good. The 96th Oscars again will air live coast-to The technical storage or access is strictly necessary for the legitimate purpose of enabling the use of a specific service explicitly requested by the subscriber or user, or for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network. Ignite the Heart without refrain 5D Ascension Timeline: How Much Longer Do We have Left? As part of this mass cleansing, old mindsets and paradigms are rapidly shifting on both the individual level, and the collective level. Yes, some of the evidence they also quote featured in a booklet called "The Adam and Eve" story which was then classified by the CIA because of (we assume) its accuracy in explaining the science of the Pole Shift (it pointed to evidence from amongst others Einstein for example). Learn about the Ascension Process; how to Ascend and the Ascension Timeline. Many refer to it as the photon belt, 2021/2022 marked our arrival into an even denser part of this phenomena. It's a home coming. Fifth Dimension elemental beings are also lighting up the new light codes in the soils of Earth, therefore raising the vibration of our Organic Whole-Foods grown in the dirt. Imagine a light photon filled with information for the shift. You will want to get the free reading plan by signing up at Azuregos Unlocked. By looking at seismic waves the instrument detected from a pair of temblors in 2021, scientists have been able to deduce that Mars liquid iron core is smaller and denser than previously thought. It also happens to concur very accurately with the visions I saw when I incarnated. So, here are some of the secret behind-the-scenes vibrational changes happening to help our sweet Mother Earth ascend into a 5th Dimensional Consciousness. Gray Aura Meaning (Is This Color Good or Bad? In other words, many peoples Souls are choosing to continue experiencing the 3rd dimensional belief system and the rigidity and hardships that come with living in the third dimension. Her heart or magnetic core has been soaking up the solar sun rays and highly charged particles for almost a decade now more ferociously than ever before. Following the One is in the UK but if the Call sings True Please can One*self Co~*~Create at Mt Shasta & whichever Vortex points One feels called to wherever One is on Spaceship Heart}|{Earth Exposing the White Light Lie and Revealing the Natural Blue Flame as Our First Step Toward Ascension. Of course, I am fortunate to have additional intelligence shared with my mother and me from time to time, but this type of news actually validates what I am already sensing with my core essence, pure-intended conscious awareness, and self-integration. With thousands on Mother Earths children investing in our new era and timeline for ascension so much love and light is being thrust into the collective light grid of Mother Earth. Greg McDermott 'plantation' comments timeline. To help bring this world about sooner, become a conscious consumer and creator. Finally, the Openhand work has been especially crafted to meet these tremendous times of opportunity through evolutionary transmutation into your 5D Being. You breath it in and a gift from the Universe fills you up. WebThis phase of the ascension timeline awakens the stasis beings that have been buried deep in the lands, and brings on oceanic waves of the God Source and the Christos-Sophia rainbow rays or roundtables to pour into the Earth grids. What I find off about him, is his continued lack of coverage about our technological engineering impact on what's happening on earth and the sun energetic exchangeis it possible that we are impacting the sun by our choices. Metatrons angelic retreat is above the Luxor in Egypt, and he has a vast amount of ascension energy above the Great Pyramid in Giza. Apr 21, 2023, 11:23 AM PDT. One with All@1 2022 Kelly Noel Zeva | Design by Zeva Enterprises LLC. What a beautiful invitation to give myself even more to the only real game going on, at the same time more appreciatingall the things that are still possible right now with technology. Driverless cars become a mainstay, and Internet access becomes a human right. And then consider: what would be the wisest approach to it? After the solar coronal mass ejections kick in again, other cycles converge that will dramatically escalate the effect, all pointing towards the conclusion of the Solar Nova "Event", with the arrival of the Galactic Superwave, which the Hopi Elders called the "Blue Star Kachina" - the 9th final sign before what they termed, "The Great Purification". Starting January 1st, new episodes will be released daily for the duration of 2021. Have you felt the intense New Earth Ascension energies? Second, monitor the media you watch, the food you eat (including meat and seafood), and the organizations you support. Some churches have changed this date depending on the Christian denomination to the following Sunday after Thursday. A Dutch company pilots the Living Cocoon, an Earth-friendly coffin made of mycelium that decomposes in only 45 days. I also can feel aches, pains, and various aversions in reference to coarse energies from others in my environment, but my heightened awareness identifies the reasons for my reactions and works to strengthen and shield myself. Apparently the sun is already releasing flares close to that, just not in our direction. Another thing we can ask for to help assist the global shift in consciousness is to ask Source Consciousness, or God, to help return the balance between the Divine Masculine and Feminine Energies and reinstate peace to our beautiful planet. As we anchor light into Mother Earth we are being changed. Cosmos: Possible Worlds hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson also premieres; as of 2022, it is available for streaming on Disney+. Ascension Day, Ascension Thursday, Holy Thursday, Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Holistic health and wellness, including Reiki and telehealth, become more commonplace. Consenting to these technologies allows us to process data such as browsing behavior or unique IDs on this site. While NASA retired its InSight Mars lander in December, the trove of data from its seismometer will be pored over for decades to come. The stage is set for the mass cleansing as the United Kingdom (UK) votes to leave the European Union (EU) with Brexit; police shootings against unarmed Black men highlight the U.S. systemic racism; and Russian athletes and coaches are penalized for systemic doping. For me at least, when the conclusion comes, it will be a welcome relief! Father Mike studied the Bible under Jeff Cavins and will be drawing on the wealth of knowledge he has gained through, Yes! An Opportunity to Recreate our 12 Chakra System & Activate our 5th Dimensional Merkaba, 2. As we intend our desired outcome, we are building suspense on our 5d ascension timeline. For more information about the podcast, please email, Yes, he serves as an advisor for the project and will also be appearing in a number of bonus episodes with Father Mike throughout the year! Bible translations sometimes differ in word choices, and in chapter and verse numbers, as these are not always standardized between translations. You can listen using any free podcast app on your smartphone or tablet or using your browser at The COVID-19 pandemic hits the entire world, and Saturn enters the sign of Aquarius, encouraging people to become more heart-centered. Openhand is operated as a not for profit organisation. , thousands of U.S. students protest throughout the country, and the, movement gains steam to change gun policy. Natural ascension basically corrects the course of fragmented death mechanics, so it makes sense that our fragmented Earth and the human body will essentially regain what they have lost historically, and will integrate with their original templates: Amenti Earth and the approximately 12-24 DNA strand human body, respectively. While that Visit and sign up to receive your free PDF reading plan so you can follow along with Father Mike. Third, take time to heal your trauma. People become more introspective and focus more on spirituality. LOL! 2*22 AM/PM In his final act of love and acceptance, the Android's soul emerges like the rising dove! By looking at seismic waves the . Is Ascension a specific date of which we must be aware to ready ourselves? Ascension Day for the year 2021 is celebrated/ observed on Thursday, May 13th. Is there any other "so-called scientific analysis of this same threat" that has a different prediction about the coming great waves of changes? We have ALL been told by spirit guides or heard from certain spiritual teachers that the Golden New Age of Aquarius is here, and with it, the New Earth Ascension 2023, or Earth ascension process. December 28, 2021 A 5D ascension timeline stands before us as enter our becoming. As the energies rise our ability to see what is ahead will be increased. But if the internet goes down, I'll miss connecting with openhand through this site, which serves as a sort of anchor for my journey.I haven't yet watched the video. Here are 5 reasons the greatest show on Mother Earth cant go or start without us. In Madison, Wisconsin, alone, thousands of students march around the state capitol. In reply to comment by Magdalene (not verified). I was hoping to view it. Downloads of 5th Dimensional technology are being seeded into the thoughts of those individuals who can bring the ideas into fruition. Ron DeSantis and Disney have been in a yearlong feud since the company denounced Florida's controversial Parental Rights in Education Act last March. Related Post: The Ancient Meditation for Reaching Higher States of Consciousness. January 9, 2022: Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders dine together in Brooklyn. Chaos is everywhere. Yes There is individual choice for path of Ascension to New Earth planet which will be presented as opportunity to awaken in human body or at the 3 Day bardo process of death transition. It would also potentially compromise our security and the safety of our ascension pathway if our Earth and associated eternal-based and eternal entities worked toward a specific date, and then allowed this precious information to spread to general humanity and listening ears of untoward entities. Virtual reality (VR) becomes integral to even more aspects of daily life, including education. Yes, he serves as an advisor for the project and will also be appearing in a number of bonus episodes with Father Mike throughout the year! Personally I have already witnessed this happening in some people who pass on - it is absolutely beautiful to witness. In those instances when someone may not be able to get vaccinated due to a medical condition or strongly held religious belief, Ascension will provide its associatesa process for requesting an exemption similar to the process we use for the annual influenza vaccine. We add to her light, light she needs to fully realize the shift all over her spaces. Now I do not see the video that you had for us to see above. As we dream Mother Earth gets a grander and greater view of what we want to become. Ascension will be required to implement a comprehensive data security program as part of a settlement resolving FTC allegations that the firm failed to ensure one It involves an interdimensional flow of energy and matter that helps ones aligned compositional layers to transform and eventually transfigure to meet the energy and matter in the next dimensional location. Even the estimated ascension timeline for the Earth I pieced together above, may not be a completely accurate timeline, as the changes to Earth require some human participation. Creighton loses 77-69 to Xavier, breaking the Bluejays' four-game winning streak. 31. We are light conduits for Mother Earth. More people are awakening in droves. I, for one, am excited and overwhelmed to even begin to imagine all the amazing changes as our planet earth ascension process rapidly unfolds in 2023! Feb. 27, 2021. This meant that no babies would be born into the 3rd dimension. The ascension into 5d new Earth is something that cant be properly predicted as each one of us are a variable. The costars and rumored couple jokingly addressed their height difference and how it makes filming difficult. Ascension conducted a thorough moral and ethical analysis as part of the decision-making process. We are anchoring 5th dimensional light and codes into the spaces we occupy on Earth. Gaia and Tara are now predominantly phantom, and the Earth has started to infuse energies from the Aurora fields. For a new reality to be created, with a new harmony and higher vibrational configuration, the old one has to break down - like the caterpillar going through the crysallis metamorphosis stage. Although Mother Earth has accelerated into the 4th dimension, many Souls on the planet are still choosing to live out their 3rd dimensional paradigm. This allows humans to have a greater impact on what will be created from our attempts at laying ground for 5d new earth. We are creating a timeline for the shift with her, we are fulfill our desires for the ages becoming what we are to become to make our place on 5d new earth. When the Golden Age of Atlantis was at its height, everyone had 12 chakras turned on. What does Earth Ascension Mean? So, there you have it! 22*2*2022 This children of light, also children of the sun, are destined to help Mother Earth ascend. During these 4 years, Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey debuted on multiple networks and won a Peabody Award; adult coloring books became popular, leading to an increase in active meditation; organic food continues to became more popular, with sales of $43 billion in the United States in 2016; and Bernie Sanders emerged as a strong progressive leader who almost won the Democratic nomination for president. The Vibrational Frequency of Earths Water is Increasing, 6. As she gets a better idea of the divine world that is growing beneath the feet of the newly awakened, she shifts. Memorial Day. In reply to And what archetype is it that's "not bothering"? Hint, its not me! Let This Soul Draw Them For You. Exactly how the New Earth Ascension will be is not written in stone, as there are numerous daily choices made by the humans and animals inhabiting the planet, which will lead to the future landscape of the New 5th Dimensional Earth. While NASA retired its InSight Mars lander in December, the trove of data from its seismometer will be pored over for decades to come. Gov. Ancient crystals during the time of Lemuria (an ancient civilization), are being lit up with sacred geometric light codes, which are turning on the Earths own Merkaba, or Star Tetrahedron. More and more Souls will choose to spiritually awaken, rebirth, and become 5th Dimensional Masters, while helping Mother Earth rebirth, ascend, and heal from old karmic wounds of war and imbalance. These 12 chakras contained all of the persons incredible gifts. The technical storage or access is necessary for the legitimate purpose of storing preferences that are not requested by the subscriber or user. By using our site you consent to our Privacy Policy. At that moment, we officially began the next 26,000-year cycle of the precession of the equinox. That light/energy, anchors from our feet down into Mother Earth. The shift hangs on us because we are the revelation of ages. But, I have been waiting for a 5th dimension Earth since 2012 when I first spiritually awakened. And then, 2020 hit!, And the advice I got in 2020 from spirit guides was that, The density is leaving.. I know you've been talking about these events for a while but I always thought the whole catastrophe - includingthe start of it - was not until 2050 or so. Here's the 3D vision. Archangel Michael discussed the matter in my last reading with him: Archangel Metatron is leading the 5D ascension process on Earth. Thankfully, Amenti Earth is being increasingly infused with supportive, eternal energies to continue supporting Earth in its ascension journey. This weapon is designed for the vilest NAA entities to station themselves in the artificial timelines pretending to be Ascended Masters or friendly advanced humans from the future, who mostly appear in Ruby Sun DNA cloned bodies with Azurite features. Reallykarma, past life karma, archetypes, intervention, more intervention, shadow, matrix agenda, black snake energy, and many many more. amir's dream about baba and the bear, seed bead tassel earrings, bridget moretti today,

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