. The chain has only grown steadily and slowly since then, with dozens of locations now throughout Nebraska, and a few in Iowa, Colorado, and Kansas. fat. It's in, well, everything. Then theres the southwest black bean, which was phenomenal. 31. I love this recipe too! Just make sure to season the meat mixture well, otherwise it will be very bland and a huge disappointment. Runzas were a recipe brought to the U.S. by the "Germans from Russia" but are similar to meat and cabbage-stuffed pastries found elsewhere inEurope. Traditional Runza recipes call for a yeasty bread pocket stuffed with beef, cabbage, onions and some spices. I nearly always do! The first franchise location opened in Grand Island in 1979. On weekends, the Urbans flex their muscles, creating high-end specials at the dinner hour. Add flours quickly one cup at a time, stirring well after each cup. * Here is another idea for the leftover Dough: roll it out thin and use it for pizza crust, or calzones! The Original is a perfect blend of spices to season the ground beef, mixed with cabbage and onions, baked inside homemade bread (530 cal) Cheese Runza Sandwich We take our incredible Original Runza Sandwich - then slice it open and add American cheese (590 cal) But also, he said, Nebraska is kind of scrappy. Rustic wood floors. Ill post it if it turns out FABULOUS. I am going to try your recipe soon. Another wonderful memory was that my (100% Czech) grandmother on my dads side always made homemade kolaches for us. Do you think I could make a day ahead, not bake but refrigerate till the following evening to bake? Thanks and Happy New Year! We did. . Original Runza Sandwich Meal. Anxious to apply your idea of the canned kraut. OMAHA, Neb. Co-owner Donald Everett Jr. makes Runzas at the Runza location near the intersection of 105th and Pacific Streets, on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017, in Omaha, Nebraska. Good for you, Steve! My gramma was the best runza maker in the world, along with everything else German goodies. I was so disappointed. Sally thought a business would be something they could do together, so the siblings, along with Sallys brother-in-law, took their family bierock recipe and opened a food stand in Lincoln near Pioneers Park. 1/2 cup sugar Those gardens were amazing. Sorry Jillian, I left that part out: yes, youd put the cheese on the dough circle before the filling. The sad, painful fact is this: its easy to make runzas at home that will elicit the following disappointing reaction from your family: Meh. Furthermore . Good question, thank you!! This Temperature Tuesday, original Runza sandwiches are free with purchase of a medium French fry and drink, since the temperature taken at 6 a.m. was zero degrees Fahrenheit. Its known locally for pizza, baked in a wood-fire oven, but the specials and house-made pasta are cant-miss, and Dantealso has a great Italian-only wine list. Scrumptious. Would you possibly share the recipe for that sponge dough? The salad bar, with its cold metal plates, was one of the first in Omaha. I cant wait to try your 5 secrets. I want you to know that for the past few years this has become my go-to recipe every 6 months or so when I get a hankering for a runza. I lived in NE many years (many towns). There people will post all kinds of family Czech recipes. Comfort food. Hey, Amy. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. Runza Seventy-eight Nebraska locations, and also two each in Iowa. Mike H. Mike, I would dearly LOVE your familys kolache recipe. Bake for approximately 30 minutes, until approaching golden. Kate, Im so glad! As an undergraduate at the University of Nebraska majoring in history, I took a course about the history of Russia. Great questions! Good on you for working so hard to make something to please your husband. The Runza., sarah.bakerhansen@owh.com, 402-444-1069, twitter.com/SBHOWH. This complete guide of local music, movies, dining and entertainment will have you weekend ready. It makes the filling so oozy-tasty-delectable. Their daughter, Sarah "Sally" Brening, was born in Sutton, Nebraska in 1912. I have been making Runzas for many years but like to try new recipes. Help! If you haven't, you really should try a Runza, an old German sandwich that has a beef, cabbage base , it is unique. Doesnt adding the sauerkraut to the cabbage mixture make the filling kind of sour? Sign up for our newsletter to keep reading. Thanks babe!!! If you like to bake it is a fun one to get connected with. My explanation for how I found myself making runzas in our host familys Tauranga kitchen one lovely afternoon goes as follows: All those things added up to one thing: I needed to make runzas. but too many things to cook and not enough time!) Steaks cooked to a perfect medium rare and perhaps seasoned with a secret whiskey marinade. (785) 749-2615. UNL Alum. As far as cheeseIve tried all sorts of cheese, and have never been disappointed. What do you know? I wonder if a Nebraska transplant ran that place? Arguably the best chicken in Omaha, Time Out, in the heart of north Omaha, is worth a stop. An Omaha staple since it opened in the 1970s, V. Mertz is also a staple of the historic Old Market neighborhood. Blue & Fly Asian Kitchen, 721 S. 72nd St. No kidding. This location is odd because their drive thru goes between the building. Though it has cheese in the filling, it wasnt particularly cheesy, and youd have a hard time guessing it was meatless if you didnt already know. Im going to find that group and see if they will let mea non Bohemianin. Dry yeast dissolved in 1/4 c. warm water plus 1 T. sugar. Just a tip. My mom taught me this secret for runza forming. Im in the middle of making it and have a couple questions! Does that mean the 8 oz. I am impressed with your recipe. Ground beef and ground cabbage [cooked] in a hot pocket or pastry sandwich. 7/28/2022. In a large bowl, mix together sugar, salt, and eggs. The neighborhood of the original Runza Drive In was not ideal. If it's legit Chinese you're after, Blue & Fly is your place. Let rise until double. Murder shaped their lives. Make runzas. joni. Phone: 402-444-1557. Thank you for sharing with me! I will let you know when I make these with homemade sauerkraut. Volga German immigrants brought the meat pocket, stuffed with peppery ground beef, cabbage and sometimes cheese, to Nebraska. Was surprised he answered back and thanked me, said they were great. The runza got its start from German immigrants (both Germans native to Germany and Germans who had lived in Russia) to the American midwest. For. Unfortunately, it was eventually sold & no more hot, delicious runzas served with mustard! Whether you like the taste or not, you have to admit that the big two burger chains meat does not taste like the hamburger you bring home from the store, Runza uses quality ingredients, and you can taste the difference, the burgers are a cutabove most all other fast food places, the Runza is a unique treat, the cheese Runza is better with Swiss, but you have to order it special that way. This is THE ultimate comfort food. Copyright 2022 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Then let them thaw and rise before baking? Place dough in greased bowl and cover with damp cloth. At the stadium, the sandwiches are baked on-site. Id love to hear back from you about how all this goes! Is it okay to use red cabbage instead of green? Stir the yeast into the warm mixture. I simmered it on the stove in my Dutch oven and then made gravy from the drippings. Ill get right on it. Hi Amy! Gosh, neighbor Gene, why wasnt I invited? OpenMenu is not responsible for the accuracy of the information provided. Hi! spicy buffalo sauce, ranch sauce, lettuce & tomato, grilled onions, mushrooms topped with Swiss cheese. Join us as we learn more about growing own own food, making and fixing our own stuff, nurturing community, and creating more beauty in our own lives. Suddenly, they disappeared from the menu, and I went to the national Runza headquarters in Lincoln to protest. First, make the filling: Chop onions and garlic and saut in a large frying pan with a little butter or olive oil until tender. Copyright 2009 - 2023. 367 North 4th Street Falls City. I have never used it, but thinking about starting to use it. (KMTV) If Tuesday wasn't already special enough as 2/22/22 on the calendar, it just happens to be a free Runza Temperature Tuesday. Kolaches I learned it from a fellow Midwesterner. The bakery, celebrating 60 years this year, serves bierocks with a crustier bread exterior and with either cabbage or sauerkraut in the filling. ago, in Nebraska and I now live in California. This is my second time making Runzas so I cant wait to see the results. Intend to try that next timewhich after reading this recipe with all the commentis likely to be tomorrow. Thank you heaps, I have been making Runzas for than 4 decades and never mastered them being formed and all alike you secret tip 3 taught me this morning. Taste and season. I live near where your children lived, in Canton, Ohio. This recipe includes several secrets to superlative runzas, those iconic cabbage and hamburger baked sandwiches that you can find in Nebraska and hardly anyplace else. We moved to central il and when my daughter was little we had a great baby sitter and our daughter would stay with her over night. I thought they were very delicious, and quite indulgent! I told my sister I was making these for a beach day our families are having this weekend, and she wouldnt stop texting her excitement in all caps. When you work the dough the next day, do you bring it to room temp, do whatever shape you want, let rise, etc? I love dipping mine in Boetzje mustard and hellmanns mayonnaise mixed together of course. Right now everyone is into dumplings and kraut. Love this dough! This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. I wondered..can I stuff, refrigerate, then bake the next day? . I cant rate your recipe right now, but I will return. . on Jan. 25, 2021. We dont have the mountains or the ocean. Thanks! (Well, why not? The Germans remained in Russia, running their own communities and presumably happily eating homemade bierocks for about 100 years. Im so glad you reached out! DISCLAIMER: Menu items and prices are subject to change. (Kneading can be omitted but this will make the dough nicer to handle, and with an improved texture.). Introduced atleast 30 people to Runzas ( ie. Our world-famous Runza Sandwich, classic burgers, beloved crinkle-cut fries and homemade onion rings are our pride and joy. Its a story that stretches from Omaha to McCook, where four generations of bakers have served it in their small-town cafe. Had lunch at Runza and the food was good. They come out as good as they were on day one and I am very picky about my food. Bryan (not a kiddo, but still) would appreciate slivered green pepper slices added, Mack would like the cheeseburger additionspickles, cheese, mustard and ketchup!Amalia would probably want more garlic, etc. And whatnot. They are super excited, the younger one is at UNL and loves her some Runza! These babies are only available if you call your nearest location 24 hours in advance. Consider this post your very own personal shortcut, Gentle Reader, to delicious homemade runzas at your house, from the best runza recipe there is. Thanks for the recipe! Thanks! . The only thing that may have made it better would have been if the price of Runzas were two cents each for this 2/22/22 Temperature 2's-Day. A big glass counter full of stomach-growl-inducing doughnuts and muffins, cinnamon rolls and scones. Keep in touch, okay? I was just sitting here in self-quarantine and decided to make Runzas. Ate first Runza in 1973 at the old Shack Next to what is now Standing Bear Park (Old Humane Center park) on Van Dorn. [3][4][5][6] Runzas can be baked into various shapes such as a half-moon, a rectangle, a round (bun), a square, or a triangle. Please subscribe to keep reading. Carol, I am guessing you mean the runza filling, right? MElt the butter in a saucepan (or the microwave) with the milk or water. 1/3 cup sugar It was Sally who came up with the name Runza, which is now a registered trademark. A question, oh wise one of all things yeast, chickens, and gardening: I was surprised to read about keeping the dough in the fridge for the next day. Sauteed ground beef and cabbage went into a rectangular, bread roll-like creation, was served to people who thought they really tasted good, and the rest is delicious history. She didnt invent the recipe, Everett said, but she did invent her own version of the recipe. ;)), my family insists all future cabbage burgers be made with that particular grain mix. Thanks, Michael. Had to make too many of em too fast to worry about looks. By clicking Accept All Cookies, you agree to the storing of cookies on your device to enhance site navigation, analyze site usage, and assist in our marketing efforts. Hi Gina! Thanks for stopping by! I wanted to thank you for your Nine Grain Bread recipe. In Nebraska, we call these tasty stuffed buns a Runza. Thaw in fridge then oven, I presume? Sure, you can add toppings. After baking and eating I felt the dough was a bit thick. Ill look for you , Sounds good, Shereen! So, I will try your recipe! So much better than the recipe we grew up with. Im always up for a new challenge! As waves of immigrants arrived in America and traveled to the Great Plains to build a new life, one of the few possessions many settlers were , Five years ago, Harry Chaudhary bought an abandoned truck stop off Interstate 80, a few miles from Overton, Nebraska. The list is fairly close to what Runza still serves, said Everett, who runs the business today. If you dont feel up to such cleverness, however, cut the dough ingredients down by half, to match the amount of filling. Now youve helped me to start making runzas as well. See all 260. cals. 1/2 cup warm (not hot) water, Then add: At Runza, the Difference is Real: real food, real fresh ingredients and real people who really care about making your meal the right way. Thanks for sharing this. Your email address will not be published. Ive frozen them in both states and found them to be quite good reheated, either way! xxx, Julie, thank YOU. Good luck and take care! I dont know if I want to go up against you, Marsha. If he seemed too good to be true, thats because he was. Just recently, one of my Nebraska friends originally from Seattle introduced me to what she calls sausage rolls, which look exactly like runzas when they come out of the oven, but the filling is very much Italian spicy sausage, vaguely tomato sauce and lots of herbs and cheese. Moskowitz has created citywide favorites with her mac and shews, made with cashew cream; excellent pies and milkshakes; and a periodic vegan Reuben special made with tempeh. Thanks for making my day! This is a family recipe, after all, even though its also the recipe that an entire state has been eating for 68 years. We love eating at Runza whenever we come to Nebraska. Thanks for sharing your great ideas!! Learned to eat Runzas at the second floor tea ship near 10th and O. [12] Sarah "Sally" Everett (ne Brening), originally of Sutton, is credited with adapting her family's bierock recipe into the runza and also inventing the name for the sandwich. so you don't have to re-invent the chicken-raising wheel! Just as American pizza, tacosor those kolaches that Texans craveat times bear only a passing resemblance to what you'll find in various motherlands, the pirozhki/pierogi went through a series of transformations before becoming that thing Nebraskans love to eat today. Well, not reallywhile the runza would easily have survived for a generation or three, its continued fame was quite likely assured by the success of the Runza restaurants, now so closely tied in with the runza itself that nobody appears to have blinked when the chain trademarked the name. It can be baked in many shapes such as squares, triangles, or half-moons, although the authentic Nebraskan version is almost always baked in a rectangular shape. Locations of. Tinas serves the Go Cart, the cafes version of a stuffed bierock, as a regular special. Urge caution! As a result, many Germans went to Russia and taught the Russian serfs many skills. You can easily find great runza, or bierock, recipes and try making your own. My mother owned a small cafe and the cook made the most amazing krautburgers. Jillian Im now a Nebraskan, neighbor of Amy and lifelong runza-eater, but Ive lived in several parts of the US and in two countries in Europe. In the 1700s, the Russian serfs were largely uneducated, and the whole country was far from modern. Treating customers like family. Probably brushing melted butter on them would be a good idea, too. . Sure miss those runzas! Joyce, allow me to reveal the Secret of Dough Refrigeration. My parents grew up in Nebraska but moved to the east coast when they started having children. Bake 9-12 minutes or until golden brown. Debra, thats funny! She taught me and everyone else how to make runza,I now live in Hopkins Village, Belize Ive been baking cinnamon rolls and selling them on the street 2 dozen at a time for 7 years. Pick from the original vegetarian Runza or the Southwest black bean vegetarian Runza. Yes, carrots. 34. I dont have one, but would consider it if the dough comes out just as perfect as hand mixing with a wooden, albeit tired, spoon. The original vegetarian has 530 calories, the exact amount of a ground beef Runza. He has missed them and every week while watching the Huskers play, he gives a little sigh and wants a hot gooey Runza mess. They were a delicious treat. I lived in Nebraska briefly as a young child. And she wasnt just an entrepreneur. The diners know I find the recipes and the ladies cook them, and I have been told the food we provide is by far the best they get to eat each month. Even better, the batch that results in these words, the ones you know you desperately want to hear: I certainly live for these words, myself. Beat in eggs, then stir in yeast mixture. Funny thing is that I am not Asian. Regional Sodas That Should Be Sold Everywhere. Reviews (11) I have been wanting to cook some for him, but have been terrified of not holding my own against the pros he wont shut up about. I have used this recipe for 40 plus years. (Which is good, because apparently when there's a University of Nebraska home game, they can sell thousands of the stuffed sandwiches at the school's Memorial Stadium.). I used to rave about Runzas and nobody knew what I was talking about, save a couple other NE expats smattered about here, til now!!! The bierock is not really part of our family tradition as much as it is part of this areas tradition, he said. There are now 85 Runzalocations, though they've kept it more or less local, with clusters in the eastern part of the state around Lincoln and Omaha. The first Runza location opened back in the 1940s, shortly after World War II, as a humble drive-in in Lincoln. Or do you Freeze them as soon as you fill them? its a worthy challenge to make the best runza recipe, the one that elicits cartwheels and swooning glances from your family. The butter is the shortening (my mom calls nearly every type of fat shortening and I follow her lead, natch!) Shereen, I tuck the cheese in when Im putting in the filling. His other restaurant, northern Italian-focused Avoli, is just down the street. When Catherines great-grandson came to power, things changed. Salt and pepper it just a tad more than you regularly would. Au Courant is one of those restaurants that can please locals and visitors alike, a rare, pleasurable feat.

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