Special focus on recent and emerging topics in education. knowledge and skills. More detailed guidelines about the policies, supports, and other requirements are provided in the programs handbook, as well as on the Office of Teacher Education website. expression, and his/her CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS : * A) Order and Sequence B) Compare and Contrast C) Problem and Solution D) Cause and Effect 22), 26) A magazine article about tutoring services available to middle school students is an example of which text structure? At the start of the module, you are to take the preassessment test to see how much. knowledge and skills. Appreciate the artistry of famous Filipino artists in painting different landscapes. Arts Prerequisite: Admission to one of the following: EGEDBA, SSEDBA, FREDBA, GREDBA, SNEDBA, or DREDBA. Adopt practical strategies that will enhance the students skills in listening. Students study various learning theories, their implications for instruction, and their role in the K-6 classroom. Grade 2 endobj <> teacher of English, determined to make a difference. The Department of Curriculum and Instruction offers programs that prepare candidates for initial teacher licensure in Elementary Education (K-6). d \CkuwfvW|P=^Z+E{dc=^qCvH {f{'@vH~1U1+%4UCc*yz%hCRd*%rEvU*Jl0lL[ob!zBLl'j)2Zhk,5=Y:e5u~-f.f/L_. This course focuses on theories of children's emerging literacy and on the continuing development of literacy abilities in pre-kindergarten and early elementary years. The Moral Mind in Action explores how people reason through moral dilemmas and prepares students to more effectively recognize and resolve moral problems. 3 Hours. Classroom Management in the Elementary Grades. @~ (* {d+}G}WL$cGD2QZ4 E@@ A(q`1D `'u46ptc48.`R0) Corner Gonzaga & Blumentritt Streets diversity, and the expansion Main Campus CIED4323. The last day to withdraw from class will be Thursday June 1, 2017. Study of the methods and materials in teaching science. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) Admission to the Childhood Education Program is competitive; not all applicants meeting the minimum requirements will be admitted to the program. Discussion and advanced studies on selected topics in curriculum and instruction. Active participation in all classroom discussions and activities is crucial. 4 0 obj [/ICCBased 3 0 R] world, through appreciation, (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer)May be repeated for up to 18 hours of degree credit. I was surprised her nose didn't grow like, Which statement is the best example of synthesizing? << /Author (Juvy_CTE) /CreationDate (D:20200902164425+08'00') /Creator /ModDate (D:20200902164425+08'00') /Producer >> http://www.monroeccc.edu/outlines/index.htm, Emphasis Art (Robert C. Clements and Frank Wachowiak, 9th edition), Pearson Education, Inc., ISBN-13;978-0137145829. CIED3262. A survey of the major theories of learning with special emphasis on human learning and implications for education. Reflect on the different aspects of communication and acquire skills for. Discussion and advanced studies on selected topics in curriculum and instruction. A survey of children's literary works, authors, and illustrators with emphasis on elementary grade and adolescent literature. aimed towards the creating, and responding, (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) records, reflects, and rearranges mans life and existence. (Kansas State University), Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 2009, 2018.Eilers, LindaHale, Ph.D. (Louisiana State University at Shreveport), M.Ed., B.S.E. Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS major, and PLSC2003 and HIST2003 and HIST2013, and (HIST1113 or HIST1123), and (GEOS1123 or ANTH1023), and (ECON3053 or ECON2143), and ARHS1003, and MLIT1003. A survey of the major theories of learning with special emphasis on human learning and implications for education. CIED4413. Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS major. An 18-hour early field experience designed to give prospective teachers opportunities to observe and participate in a variety of school settings is incorporated in this introductory course to education. Tuguegarao City, Cagayan. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). endobj Any incident of ethical misconduct or concern will be documented by the faculty member(s),discussed directly with the student and their mentor, and referred to theprograms coordinator or supervising faculty. competencies are based include: A Process of Education by Teacher Candidates will be assigned placement in area schools for both fall and spring semesters. Teaching English in the Elementary Grades Language Arts fWelcome This course will emphasize English as a second language with main focus on to class! A deep and comprehensive application of the development of literacy skills from decoding to fluent, comprehending readers. Students enrolled in the multilevel track will be placed in a combination of elementary, middle, and high school settings. understanding of basic CIED3023. art, and acquisition of basic This module is self-instructional. %PDF-1.7 Prerequisite: Honors standing, CIED1013, or MUED2012, or AGED1123, or PSYC2003. If you do not wish to share please feel free to bring your own. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer) * Donations for other supplies as needed for specialty projects may be asked of you. The role of the educator in facilitating language acquisition is emphasized. Prerequisite: CIED1013; or MUED2012; or PHED1003; or AGED1123; or PSYC2003. degree in Childhood Education is not an initial teacher licensure program but instead leads to the Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T. Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS major. A PDF of the entire 2022-23 Graduate catalog. 3 Hours. CIED4533. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer). Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS major. 3 Hours. CIED4513. 3 Hours. Students majoring in Childhood Education must choose from among four concentrations: Admission to the B.S.E. If you miss a class be sure to get the notes, resources, and or assignments from the day. Complete all program courses with a "C" or better. Being a future science teacher, you must be able to understand the processes or the pedagogy of each. art, and acquisition of basic LEARNING TARGETS After finishing the module you are expected to: 1. <>>> << /Lang (en-PH) /MarkInfo << /Marked true >> /Pages 3 0 R /StructTreeRoot 5 0 R /Type /Catalog >> Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction Education. Teaching Science in the Elementary Course Syllabus.docx Page 1 of 5 INSTITUTION'S VISION-MISSION VISION: Education for all in the spirit and atmosphere of liberty, justice, truth and equity in a democracy. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) CIED3083. CIED4183. (University of Virginia), M.A. This course is equivalent to CIED3033. It will focus on the various strategies that are required to produce a qualitative art program at the primary grade levels. This course is equivalent to CIED4533. 1 Hour. celebration of Filipino Survey of Exceptionalities. literacy development. Bagay Road, San Gabriel Village Teaching Arts in the Elementary Grades - Learning Plan Learning Outcomes Topics Methodology Resources Assessment At the end of the TOPIC 1 - Elements of art Lecture-provide interactive Ulit, et.al (1995) Teaching the Create their own design topic, the students should Line discussion on the elements of art. Students in the Childhood Education program must choose one of four concentrations: English as a Second Language Concentration, a Gifted and Talented Concentration, a Reading Concentration, or a STEM Concentration. Honors Classroom Learning Theory. It focuses on refinement of generalized knowledge to accommodate specialized content relevant to elementary students. Outcomes-Based Education (OBE) Course Design/Syllabus in (ELECTIVE 1 - Teaching Multi Grades Classes) Date: August 10, 2021. 3 Hours. DO NOT WRITE YOUR ANSWERS IN THE MODULE. A course that examines the myriad definitions of literacy (and illiteracy) and their connections to issues of social class, occupational status, economic and political structures, educational institutions, cultural organizations, and the media. Disciplinary Literacy in the K-6 Classroom. Honors Curriculum and Instruction Education Thesis Tutorial. 1 Hour. Any candidate may be suspended by a Teacher Education Program Coordinator for extreme, unforeseen circumstances such as endangerment of students or others, disruption of schools or classes, felonious behaviors, or ethical violations (i.e. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) 2 0 obj An examination of the content of elementary mathematics courses. Eisner, Encyclopedia of Philippine Arts and Tuklas Sining, bothproduced by This course will explore a variety of techniques and mediums in producing art and examines various styles of art including Native American art and artists. A lesson plan format will be used to develop all plans.Lesson plans will be developed as part of a group project and an individual presentation and then compiled in a notebook of work completed in and out of the classroom. Corequisite: CIED3113. Materials contained in this curriculum guide were developed to provide both regular and special education instructors at the elementary school level as well as elementary school industrial arts consultants with some understanding of how industrial arts activities can be used to enrich the elementary school program. << /Count 4 /Kids [ 256 0 R 257 0 R 258 0 R 259 0 R ] /Type /Pages >> Best practices of teachers and administrators of K-16 character education programs are discussed. Teaching Experience. Develop knowledge, skills and dispositions about writing processes, genres, and pedagogy. technologies like iPads, iPods, DVD players, the Philippines and the Thus, the learner is empowered, through active involvement fUNIT 1 Learning Outcomes Reviews the definitions of exceptionalities, learning and behavior characteristics of individuals with exceptionalities and the legal basis for the education of persons with exceptionalities in both elementary and secondary schools. (Typically offered: Fall). Complete all program courses with a C or better. Now images are kinetic and CIED4123. will serve as the summative evaluation of your performance. CIED4523H. appreciation of music and 3 Hours. This course is equivalent to CIED4183. Through field trips, guest lectures, discussions, and targeted readings we will explore issues such as collecting, exhibiting, controversies, architecture and the educational challenges found in the wide world of museums. ANSWERS SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN A SEPARTE PAPER. Demonstrate in-depth understanding of the concept, elements and principles of arts in the elementary grades. Design assessment tools in assessing learning arts in the elementary level. 2.pptx, Personal_Development_Teachers_Guide_Depa.pdf, Meaning values and representation pt. (Typically offered: Spring and Summer). Students will become familiar with various artists, art history, styles, and genres. 3 Hours. This course is equivalent to CIED3013. Emphasis will be placed especially on differentiating early reading instruction for ELLs. At the end of this module, you are expected to: 1. Field experience required. Field experience required. CIED3133. (Typically offered: Spring). The learner demonstrates 4 0 obj in Childhood Education with Gifted and Talented Concentration, Requirements for B.S.E. For licensure, students must continue in the Master of Arts in Teaching program, which has limited enrollment. uWjbHhiWD'$n')N5N=,v^&d!S@'e*&A0 YZIhFz3/M`P@,72S Special focus on recent and emerging topics in education. (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer). Philippines and other parts of the world. Prerequisite: CIED2943, CIED3113, CIED3453, admission into CHEDBS or ELELBS programs, and honors standing. 3 0 obj 1. in Childhood Education with STEM Concentration, Arkansas Division of Elementary and Secondary Education Code of Ethics, Student Grievances and Appeals section of the UndergraduateCatalog of Studies, Composition I (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1013), Composition II (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 1023), College Algebra (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1103), Quantitative Reasoning (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 1113), Principles of Biology (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1014 Lecture), Biological Principles (ACTS Equivalency = BIOL 1004 Lecture), History of the American People to 1877 (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 2113), History of the American People, 1877 to Present (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 2123), Physical Geology (ACTS Equivalency = GEOL 1114 Lecture), Human Geography (ACTS Equivalency = GEOG 1113), Introduction to Cultural Anthropology (ACTS Equivalency = ANTH 2013), Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations I (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1113), Institutions and Ideas of World Civilizations II (ACTS Equivalency = HIST 1123), Basic Course in the Arts: Art Lecture (ACTS Equivalency = ARTA 1003), Experiencing Music (ACTS Equivalency = MUSC 1003), Theatre Appreciation (ACTS Equivalency = DRAM 1003), American National Government (ACTS Equivalency = PLSC 2003), World Literature: Beginnings to 1650 CE (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2113), World Literature: 1650CE to Present (ACTS Equivalency = ENGL 2123), Public Speaking (ACTS Equivalency = SPCH 1003), Introduction to Philosophy (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1103), Introduction to Ethics (ACTS Equivalency = PHIL 1003), General Psychology (ACTS Equivalency = PSYC 1103), Arkansas and the Southwest (or any 3 hr Arkansas history course), Survey of the Universe (ACTS Equivalency = PHSC 1204 Lecture), Earth Science (ACTS Equivalency = GEOL 1124 Lecture), Development and Learning Theories in the K-6 Classroom, Principles of Statistics (ACTS Equivalency = MATH 2103), Integrated Social Studies for the K-6 Classroom, Teaching Science in the Elementary Grades, Classroom Management in the Elementary Grades, Reading Comprehension Through Children's and Adolescent Literature. CIED3123. his/her vision of the world. Honors Developmental Literacy. colleagues. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) CIED2083. The course will provide future teachers with an understanding of interventions useful in teaching individuals with special learning needs during grades P-4. The B.S.E. Teaching Strategies in Teaching Arts a. Collaborative and Independent Learning b. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) CIED4533H. Remember, you are to work on this module independently. Teaching the Arts in the Elementary School provides an overview of art and design principles for the Elementary Education Teacher. (Southeast Missouri State University), Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Curriculum and Instruction, 2009, 2016. The goal is for students to be able to then develop educationally sound art projects for students for elementary students that can be integrated into general education curriculum and use the notebook as a resource. This course provides pre-and in-service teachers knowledge and skills necessary for educating ethnically and linguistically diverse classrooms. The students make a group activity about collaborative and independent learning. III. (Typically offered: Fall), Moral Courage explores the factors that support translating moral thinking into moral action. Jerome Bruner, Performance-Based Learning by Cleve Miller, Must have a grade of 'C' or better to award degree credit. 3 Hours. (Editor/TA). 3 Hours. Stage I: Pre-Elementary Education (PELED). Teaching Children with Mild Disabilities. development of Vargas College, Inc. Licensure Examination for Teachers Passers, Civil Engineer Licensure Examination Passers, Electrical Engineer Licensure Examination Passers, Mechanical Engineer Licensure Examination Passers, Registered Master Electrician Licensure Examination Passers, Customs Broker Licensure Examination Passers, The Child and Adolescent Learners and Learning, Building and Enhancing New Literacies Across the Curriculum, Teaching Science in the Elementary Grades (Biology and Chemistry), Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Grades (Culture and Geography), Pagtuturo ng Filipino sa Elementarya 1 (Ekstraktura at Gamit ng Wikang Pilipino), Foundations of Special and Inclusive Education, Teaching Science in Elementary Grades (Physics, Earth and Space Science), Content and Pedagogy for the Mother Tongue, Teaching Social Studies in Elementary Grades (Philippine History and Government), Teaching English in the Elementary Grades (Lang. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). https://deped.gov.ph, Do not sell or share my personal information. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. Students must complete theState Minimum Core requirementsas outlined in the Catalog of Studies. Arkansas Code of Ethics, Code of Student Life). Field experience required. Prerequisite: CIED2943, CIED3113, CIED3453, and admission into CHEDBS or ELELBS programs. Participants become familiar with assessment procedures and instruments for identifying student strengths and weaknesses in literacy, determining effective intervention strategies for literacy improvement, and principles of reporting assessment and intervention outcomes. (Typically offered: Spring). Prerequisite: CIED2943, CIED3113, admission into ELELBS or CHEDBS programs, and honors standing. Applications to the Childhood Education (CHED) program must be submitted by Jan. 31. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). This practicum is a requirement for entry into the EDUC MA, Master of Arts in Teaching program. Fayetteville, AR 72701 (Texas A&M University), B.A. One of the best things about teaching at the elementary level is that you don't really have to convince kids the art room is a place they want to be. Schedules: BEED 3d Day: FS Time: 5:30-6:30 Room: JH 4 BEED 3c Day: FS Time: 6:30-7:30 Room: JH 4 CIED3033H. Students will analyze, prepare, and develop lesson plans that integrate art into general education curriculum. 3 Hours. Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS or HDFSBS BRKD or HDFSBS CDEV or PSPED major. The Teacher Candidate Professional Review Committeeevaluates the concerns and recommends a course of action, which may range froma zero score on the academic and/or internship work, a failing grade for the course,probation, upto dismissal from a teacher education program. : * A) Problem / Solution B) Compare and Contrast C) Cause and Effect D), In the following sentence, how does the author use the literary element of point of view: I knew my daddy was the bravest man on the block. Through exploration, the learner demonstrates a deeper understanding of basic knowledge paintings and posters. An undergraduate course focusing on literacy assessment and intervention for prospective classroom teachers. Honors Children and Adolescent Literature. sharpie). These materials will need to be provided by you. 5 Hours. (Typically offered: Spring). The Moral Mind in Action. I shall not be around to, supervise you as you go through each lesson. Field experience required. An examination of the major genres of children and adolescent literature to develop and extend K-6 students' skills in reading comprehension. Teaching Arts in the Elementary Grades introductory lesson, Art curriculum guide grades 1 10 december 2013, Motivational & emotional influences of learning alladin daliva, Process and product performane-based assessment, Chapter 5 product-oriented performance-based assessment, Week 2 Qualities and Competencies of Art teacher 2, The Nature of Performance-Based Assessment (Assessment of Learning 2), N.C.B.T.S.-National Competency-Based Teacher's Standard (2013), The guiding principles for teaching and learning mtb mle, Multigrade Program in Philippine Education, The code of ethics for professional teachers, Music curriculum guide grades 1 10 december 2013, Music Curriculum Guide Grades 1-10 December 2013.pdf, K to 12 Curriculum Guide for Music and Arts, THE NEED FOR DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE PRACTICE IN THE ARTS AND.docx, Media Trends & Independent Media pt. CIED4143. Museums are respected institutions, but few visitors have likely thought about their history, purpose and role in society and culture. identity and diversity, and the expansion of ones world vision. Emphasis will be placed on teaching art production, writing instructional objectives for lesson planning and reviewing the fundamentals of art. This course will prepare you as an educator to incorporate art into your curriculum. CIED3901H. Prerequisite: Cleared background check. A deep and comprehensive application of the development of literacy skills from decoding to fluent, comprehending readers. % A survey of children's literary works, authors, and illustrators with emphasis on elementary grade and adolescent literature. % creative expression, aesthetic valuation, critical response, and B. Obtain a passing score on the Math, Reading, and Writing sections of the Praxis Core or ACT. A Curriculum Guide for Industrial Arts in the Elementary School. Arts Integration in the Classroom. work, the work of others and of artists from the Grade 3 1. to develop a sense of creativity and innovation through art and drafting projects. Maintain acumulative GPA of 3.0 or better. Reading Comprehension Through Children's and Adolescent Literature. 3 Hours. through performing, 3 Hours. Submission of the application to teacher education (see the. For the most accurate and up-to-date information on college closings, students should sign up for the Emergency notification system or check the college website. YOUR. creating, listening and observing, and responding, towards the development of appreciation Make sure all assignments are turned in on time and completed with your best effort and craftsmanship. listening/observing, performing, (singing, using musical Full-time student teaching in grades K-6 to be repeated both fall and spring semesters. not only in static media like magazines, books, Acquiring a Second Language. endobj All program courses must have a grade of C or better. Prerequisite: (BIOL1543 and BIOL1541L), and (GEOS1113 and GEOS1111L), and (PHYS1034 or ASTR2003 and ASTR2001L), and CHEDBS or ELELBS major. A suggested outline for a workshop to be conducted by the industrial arts consultant-specialist for elementary school teachers, a suggested tool list, and a bibliography are appended. Prerequisite: Honors candidacy and CATEBS, CHEDBS, EDSTBS, EGEDBA, ELELBS, FREDBA, GREDBA, SNEDBA, SPEDBS, or SSEDBA majors. BAYYA,SHERYLL C.Organizing and School Organization.pptx, TOPIC 7 ST THOMAS NATURAL LAW OF ETHICS.pptx, Laws and Regulations that Apply to Agricultural Operation.pptx, 3rdmonitoring-tool-MELODY_EVANGELISTA.docx. << /Type /ObjStm /Length 28964 /Filter /FlateDecode /N 251 /First 2601 >> through performing, (Typically offered: Fall, Spring and Summer). (Typically offered: Fall and Spring). Prerequisite: ENGL1013, ENGL1023, and CHEDBS or ELELBS or HDFSBS BRKD or HDFSBS CDEV or SPEDBS major. MFk t,:.FW8c1L&9aX: rbl1 This course is equivalent to CIED499V. Sketch and paint a natural or man-made place in the community with the use of contemporary colors. 3 Hours. The major portion of the guide consists of applicable projects and activities by grade level (K-6) including a description of project objectives, project developmental tasks, integration of project with other subject areas, how project facilitates career education, construction procedure, bill of materials, tools needed, and working drawings. The Answer Key to the SCQs and Activities are found at the end of this module. CIED4113. 3. to apply the elements and principles of design and produce expressive art works. (Exceptions will be made if there is an emergency situation). 3 Hours. Honors Integrated Communication Skills for the K-6 Classroom. Designed to provide facilitation of the Honors Thesis/Project. Semesters Hours: 3. 3 Hours. civilization as it is an essential means for man to live and CIED3143. The course will provide future teachers with an understanding of interventions useful in teaching individuals with special learning needs during grades P-4. The Arts has been present since the beginning of (Typically offered: Summer). Teaching Science in the Elementary Grades. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) Honors Instruction and Assessment of Writing. 3 Hours. Practicum for Secondary and Multilevel Tracks in Education. Teaching arts in elementary Conceptual Framework The design of the curricula is student-centered, based on spiral progression of processes, concepts and skills and grounded in performance-based learning. 2. to develop visual and perceptual skills through freehand drawing and other art activities. (Typically offered: Fall and Spring) This course draws from the field of positive psychology to guide students as they leverage existing strengths and develop new strategies for acting with moral courage in their personal and professional lives. stream This course introduces students interested in teacher education to the knowledge and skills required to demonstrate their proficiency in technology and learning. For specific class reminders or alerts via text message please sign up at. local artists, our arts, crafts, and indigenous materials to Kindergarten to Grade 12. is CHILD-CENTERED and HANDS-ON in for self-development, the Literacy Assessment and Interventions in the Elementary Classroom. Please be focused and attentive during class and contribute to the dialog where appropriate and use your time wisely! Lowenfeld and W. Lambert Brittain, Discipline-Based Art Education by Elliot This course will explore a Skip to document Ask an Expert Sign inRegister Sign inRegister Home Ask an ExpertNew features of music and art of Arts curriculum guide (2016). Excessive absences as well as consistent late arrivals or early departures will affect your grade. i TEACHING ENGLISH IN THE ELEMENTARY GRADES | Language ArtsOBJECTIVES This module presents a systematic program of study intended for teachers of English in the BEC. materials, techniques and processes, responding, composing, personal computers, and tablets. Special emphasis given to methods of teaching the content as well as enrichment materials. Teaching in Inclusive Secondary Settings. CIED4953. Prerequisite: MATH1203, MATH2213, MATH2223, STAT2303, and CHEDBS or ELELBS major. BACHELOR OF ELEMENTARY EDUCATION DEPARTMENT. Students will also learn and understand vocabulary including the elements & principles of design, art materials and techniques used by elementary students. Classroom Learning Theory. A PDF of the entire 2022-23 Undergraduate catalog. The PDF will include all information unique to this page. Field experience required. For more information contact the Learning Assistance Lab at 734-384-4167. (Typically offered: Fall). (Typically offered: Spring Odd Years). Field experience required. : Obtain a GPA of 3.0 or better on UA coursework. instruments, movement, acting, and playing, using different art Prerequisite: CHEDBS or ELELBS major. art, through performing, creating, listening and observing, and responding 2 0 obj Content course in arts integration including the pedagogy, design, and implementation of lesson plans which teach skills through the visual and performing arts to students. B) I wonder why Steve and Henry don't like to sit. All non-methods math, science, social studies and English Language Arts courses must be completed prior to senior year. through active experience, participation, and performance, design of the curricula is student-centered, based on The fall semester consists of a field experience including observation, co-planning, and co-teaching. in Childhood Education with Reading Concentration, Requirements for B.S.E. The, post assessment will be given in a separate booklet upon completion of the module. f7BlyH2cVXJr_szCSXdiW_>{7>}K/J~/bR{kvPdN^{3)zw>cB[OI*s9}TDT9Mz2M*CAHr- z\lJlJWvP vr ` }%#XtAtuu^2#2 learner demonstrates an understanding of You can read, analyze concepts and ideas, presented, and reflect on them.

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