Our approach to learning and teaching is through child centered play and education. We have a fully equipped nursery.

We understand that making the transition from home to childcare can be very trying on parents and their babies. We are committed to providing a safe, tranquil environment that allows your baby to learn, explore and make new discoveries. Our curriculum focuses on every aspect of your baby’s overall development and well being. A beautiful and stimulating environment with plenty of sensory experiences.


Your child is growing up fast and ready for a little more independence, our Toddler rooms will be a perfect introduction.

Our teachers implement learning strategies while playing and interacting with your child. We have toys and materials designed specifically for children in our Young Toddler Program that promotes intellectual curiosity, social and communication skills. 

In the Toddler Program, we begin to structure group type activities that include story time and arts and crafts that build on the ability to participate, take turns and share. We provide nurturing guidance as they develop physical skills and master emerging milestones.


With a wide range of activities including arts and crafts, imaginative play and physical activities, our staff will engage with your children.

In our Preschool Program, your child is ready for structured learning activities that touch on early literacy, math, science and social studies. Our program balances these subjects with opportunities for independent exploration and a healthy dose of running, jumping and playing.


Pre-K prepares your child for school. We offer a Pre-K program that focuses on academics as well as the social, emotional and physical development.

Pre-Kindergarten prepares your child for school. Studies have found that children who participate in a quality pre-kindergarten curriculum, fare better than their peers who do not. At Little Sprouts Learning Center, we offer a Pre-Kindergarten program that focuses on academics as well as the social, emotional and physical development of your child.

201 Church Road, North Wales