Preschool & Pre-K

3 – 5 Years Old

Children are so eager to learn, their brains are truly little sponges! At this age, we provide a more structured schedule. We focus on school readiness covering a variety of domains and we follow a curriculum similar to Head Start Programs. Our preschool program enhances your child’s confidence and independence by providing activities to help them become problem solvers and life long learners. Your Preschooler is also learning how to be a good companion and friend to other children. We provide a wonderful opportunity for your child to learn and develop important social skills while getting ready for school!

Your Child Will Benefit From:

A structured preschool program with kindergarten readiness in mind.

Well qualified and enthusiastic teachers, bringing fresh ideas and facilitating a positive environment for optimal learning.

Development of fine motor skills such as cutting, and writing with a pencil.

Practice with social skills and interaction. Children make plenty of friends and learn how to take turns, wait in line, serve their table, and lend a helping hand.

Manners! We don’t stop at “Please” and “Thank You” when modeling and emphasizing manners throughout the day.

Participating in the preschool learning environment even if they still need help with the potty. We don’t require children to be potty trained to enroll in preschool!

“Big Kid Confidence” as they develop independence with self care and learn responsibility with classroom jobs.

Daily Circle Time where children learn through the use of stories, songs, games and dramatic play.

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