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1 – 3 Years Old

We would like to introduce you to our Toddler Program which serves children who are walking well until they are approximately 3 years old. Each day our toddler program is filled with learning activities disguised as FUN! Our thematic units will provide your child with a variety of daily activities. We provide a perfect balance between nurturing, playtime and learning. Our learning experiences are designed promote toddler’s blossoming independence, develop social skills, and foster self confidence. Our teachers are knowledgeable about the ever changing needs and development of toddlers, and can easily adapt our programs and activities to each individual child’s age and stage. You will love our program and will be amazed at just how much your toddler will learn! We hope you are just as excited as we are to have your child join our super fun Toddler class!

Your Toddler Will Benefit From:

An educational program created with the needs and development of young toddlers in mind.

A stimulating environment with plenty of toys, friends and activities to keep their little minds whirring.

Optimal cognitive development thru challenging, yet developmentally appropriate, daily lessons and activities based on The Creative Curriculum and PA State Standards.

Open parent-teacher communication, which includes a daily report detailing the activities of the day through our Tadpoles Parent app, drop off and pick up verbal updates, and conferences scheduled as needed. When parents and teachers are on the same page, the child benefits!

Help with Potty Learning! We assist parents and encourage children’s use of the potty, We work with you to help your child become successfully potty trained!

Self-confidence and independence as we encourage children to do things for themselves. This starts with basic hygiene skills such as hand washing, nose blowing, proper use of utensils, & dressing, among other things.

Development of the creative mind thru dramatic play, art exploration, music & movement and other creative expressions.

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